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Foster, Thomas

Kerr-Ritchie, Jeffrey

Mabeko-Tali, Jean-Michel

Medford, Edna

Muraya, Petronella

Scott, Daryl

Swan, Quito

Taylor, Nikki

Tolbert, Emory

Toungara, Jeanne

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Carrington, Selwyn

DeLeon, David

Dey, Balaram

Reidy, Joseph

In memoriam:

Aziz Batran (1941-2011)


Petronella Muraya

Dr. Muraya is a Geographer who specializes in urban geography and development issues. Her broader research interests include low-income housing; the informal sector; the role of CBOs and NGOs in development projects; and income generation in low-income areas. Her articles have appeared in Cities, Habitat International and the Ohio Journal of Science. She is currently analyzing the role of stakeholders in HOPE VI Projects in Washington, DC. Dr. Muraya received a Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University (Kent, Ohio) in 2002. She received an M.A. in Geography, from University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland) in 1998, and a B.A. in Journalism Mass Communication and Spanish from St. Bonaventure University (New York) in 1994.

Petronella Muraya
Associate Professor of Geography
Ph.D., Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 2002

Introduction to Geography
World Geography
Economic Geography
Geography of Africa
Geography of the Black Diaspora
Geography of Central America and Mexico

Minor in Geography

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