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Aziz Batran (1941-2011)


Joseph Reidy

Currently a Professor of history and an Associate Provost, Professor Reidy was Associate Dean of the Graduate School from 1998 through 2001. Professor Reidy has taught United States history,including courses on the Civil War and Reconstruction, the U. S. South, the U.S. since the Civil War, and race, ethnicity and gender in the modern U.S. His numerous publications include the book From Slavery to Agrarian Capitalism in the Cotton Plantation South: Central Georgia, 1800-1880 (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1992). As the Editor and Acting Co-Director of the Freedmen and Southern Society Project at the University of Maryland, College Park (1977-1984) he helped produce a series of prize-winning, edited books of documents with introductions and annotations in cooperation with a team of scholars. Several volumes were produced over a number of years (1982-1998) and highlighted the actions of enslaved people, especially workers and soldiers, men and women, in the fight against slavery during the Civil War and after. His other essays on the history of workers in the U. S. South have appeared in other collections and in the periodicals Agricultural History,Prologue: the Quarterly Journal of the National Archives and Records Administration, The Southern Review, Virginia Magazine of Biography and History,Slavery and Abolition, Southern Studies and Marxist Perspectives, and as chapters in other books. Professor Reidy also has served on the editorial board of the magazines Civil War History and The Filson Club Historical Quarterly. The National Endowment for the Humanities and the Confederate Memorial Literary Society, among others, have funded Professor Reidy's work. He won the Thomas Jefferson Prize of the Society for History in the Federal Government three times, the Abraham Lincoln Prize of Gettysburg College, and the J. Franklin Jameson Outstanding Editorial Achievement Prize of the American Historical Association. His latest project is called "African American Sailors in the Civil War Navy," and it aims to identify the names of the 18,000 or so men of African ancestry who served in that war and to interpret their service.

Joseph P. Reidy
Professor of History
Associate Provost
Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
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